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Travertine Pavers Colors and Patterns Guide

Travertine is a form of calcium carbonate and we usually find it near hot springs in Turkey. It comes with horizontal veins and shows a different time zone in the history as like woods. Travertine is from the same family with limestones. Major different between two stones , limestones mostly solid and full body materials. In the other hand travertine includes little pitted holes caused of gas bubbles. During the finishing this little holes may filled a cement or resin based filling materials. Travertine is sold in the market in different forms like tiles and pavers. Travertine pavers are thick travertine pieces which are usually sold for outdoor paving. Travertine pavers are usually 1.25 inches thick and used for decorating driveways, pool decks, patio areas and walk ways. Today, technology allows the end user tо pick many different sizes and finishes. Of course each finish has different characteristic and may not be the best option for your outdoor projects. There are two main finishes used in the market for decorating travertine pavers. Travertine Paver Finishes

Tumbled Travertine Pavers

1. Honed & Chiseled Honed surface is also called a semi-polished finishes. The edges of the stone is distressed by a machine which uses steel chains to give a randomly chiseled look. Chiseled finish is mostly used for driveways and patios. As honed finish makes the surface of the stone really smooth, it’s surface becomes slippery and is not a good choice for decorating pools. 2. Tumbled Tumbled Finish is probably the best finish for travertine pavers. Chiseled payers were the number one for so long in the market. But the usage of the travertine grew in past and end users now have more options to go for. Tumbled finish is the best choice for Pool area, patios, and driveways. Driveways usually need stronger material than other areas. Tumbling process is a very challenging process for the payers. If they can survive this process that means they are strong enough to be used on a driveway. Travertine Pavers Colors Guide

Travertine Pavers Colors

There are different names and colors available for Travertine Pavers in the market. But mainly we can list them as: 1. Cream Color

2. Light & Dark Brown

3. Gold (Yellow)

4. Grey (Silver)

5. Red

6. Walnut

7. Ivory

8. Golden Brown

9. Beige

10. Multicolored Selecting the perfect color for your desired location:

Selecting a color is one of the easiest decisions you’ll have to make, because it shouldn't be too hard to tell which shades would work well in your yard. If you need a head start, here are three most popular colors of travertine pavers and the locations where they work best.

most popular colors of travertine pavers

Gold Gold travertine pavers come in warm shades ranging from burnt orange to golden brown. Functionally, they work well in any spot, but they can really make an aesthetic difference in few particular areas. For example, this sunny patio payers would look stunning as part of a rustic-themed patio. If you’re into the Tuscan style of decor and are looking for a Mediterranean feel around the pool area, the warm shades of these pavers are reminiscent of the terra cotta tiles that are used throughout the region. Plus, they’ll make the cool aqua color of your pool stand out, making it look truly welcoming an hot summer day. Gold backyard pavers can also complement greenery, since the orange shades are directly opposite green on the color wheel. As a result, they’d make a great walkway weaving through a lush lawn or thriving garden. Ivory These cool-toned natural stone pavers can work with any home’s exterior, as they’re the perfect neutral shade to accompany any color, whether your house is yellow, beige, blue or brown. However, ivory pavers look particularly classy іn a modern patio. If you want a contemporary outdoor area where you can entertain friends and family members, ivory travertine is your best bet for making a good impression. The cool shades of the stone mix well with sleek accessories like outdoor fringes or evens, and the pale shade really makes your pool water pop. Ivory pavers are also a excellent choice for a driveway if you want it to be a focal point in your front yard. Guests will be in awe as they pull into the driveway and notice the natural patterns. Walnut This neutral beige option is one of the most versatile colors of travertine available. It can fit into any style of decor, whether you’re into rustic, modern, country or traditional style. Travertine Pavers Color & Pattern Choice According to the Climate

Travertine Pavers Color & Pattern Choice According to the Climate

Here are some travertine pavers color choices according to the climate of the area: 1. Travertine pavers for patio Travertine pavers can be used for decorating patio of your house or property as these look very great in gardens and grassy backyards. If you have a very grassy backyard, you should go for brown color travertine pavers as this combination makes a very good contrast. 2. French pattern pavers for pool decks

French pattern travertine pavers

French pattern pavers give a perfect look to pool decks especially areas with semi-cold climate. If you have a pool in such area, French pattern pavers may be the best choice for your pool. 3. Silver travertine pavers for hot areas Silver travertine paver is highly recommended for use in areas where the climate is hot as this color gives a sense of coolness and makes a good contrast with watercolor. 4. Ivory travertine pavers for moderate climate Ivory travertine is best for areas where the climate is moderate, i.e. neither very hot nor very cold. However, you can go for your own color choice as well.

So, with these ideas, you can get to know about which type of color you should go for. You can also consult with a good travertine installer in this regard. Make sure that you get all details from them including stone quality and its working situation in respective area/climate. Travertine Pavers Patterns Guide Travertine comes in wide variety of colors so homeowners will never have to worry about color combination. If you’re considering updating your home’s exterior with travertine stone payers, you have plenty of decisions ahead of you. For one, you’ll need to pick the color and finish you want, whether it’s chiseled - which is great for driveways - or tumbled - which is ideal for pool pation. You’ll also need to choose a pattern you want to put the natural stone pavers in. Once you have decided that Travertine is your choice of payer, you now have the task of choosing the type of pattern in which you would like your payers to be laid in. There is a wide range of laying patterns available on the market today.

Here is a list of suggestions: 1. Fish pattern 2. Mosaic-checkered 3. Mosaic-wave

4. Mosaic-wave corner

5. Star pattern

6. Basket Weave

7. Herringbone

8. Diamond-cut

9. Corner set

10. Rattan

11. Brick

12. 3D Pattern

13. Versailles

14. French Pattern

15. Travertine Paver Pattern Wood and Travertine Pavers Combination

Wood and Travertine Pavers Combination

Combіnation of Travertіne Payer and Wood Another great pattern idea is the use of wood with Travertine to create decorative floor patterns. These are available on the market, and originated from Turkey. They are used for commercial and residential applications. These are handcrafted payers, and can be pre-mounted and pre-sealed for protection against water and moisture. These combination style payers are ideal for wall and floor applications. They are made in any size, color and pattern. The combination of wood and travertine creates an appealing and very unique pattern design. They can be used for corners, centerpieces and for borders. Speaking about borders, here are some interesting border patterns you are likely to accept. Border Patterns Another great idea for floor design is the installation of a patterned border. A plain payed floor and a patterned border is ideal if you want a floor that’s a little more simple, but still contains a feature. These pattern borders also come in different types like the; Art Deco, Daisy Desert, Sun Cruses, Gothic, Vineyard Shells, Lance, Leaf, Greek, Rope, Wrought Iron etc. Travertine Pavers General Purchasing Guide As you are already aware of travertine colors and patterns by now, there are some factors which you should also consider before making a final purchase because travertine is an expensive material and you only going to purchase it once. Travertine Pavers for pool decks. Some of them are: 1. Area Situation: Travertine is not good for areas which face long periods of freezing/thaw. So you should avoid using travertine in such areas. 2. Rate: As travertine is a natural material and is expensive, you should always confirm rates before purchasing tiles for you. 3. Surface Quality: Make sure that surface quality is not very rough and it shouldn’t have any spots/stains on them. Always check each piece before purchasing. 4. Right cleaner: Do not forget to obtain right cleaner from your installer. Never use acidic cleaners as these can harm the stone very badly. We hope considering these factors will help you during the process of travertine pavers and you’ll be able to get right product at right price. Conclusion of the Guide By now as you know a lot about travertine pavers, installation and cost, you should go ahead and make a wise move. Get your travertine pavers from a right installer today and decorate your pool with this amazing stone. Do not forget to follow all above tips. Following these tips will not only help you maintain your stone for a longer period of time but it will also retain its shape and color. Also, do not forget to contact us back in case of any query. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in this regard.


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